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Gynapharm Capsule: For Inflammation, Infertility/Female Health Trade

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Gynapharm capsule is a unique herbal blend,effective for the treatment of inflamation, infertility/female health disorder such as inflammation of the ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease(PID) etc' which can damage the fallopian tubes and tissues connected to the uterus and ovaries, PID can lead to serious cosequence' including  abscess formation/chronic pelvic pain, infertility, ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy in the fallopian tube or elsewhere outside the womb), due to the herbal blend contained in gynapham; gynapharm capsule is the herbal remedy for inflammation/infertility.                   

Is conception the problem ?                                   

Are there people you know' who currently have conception problem ?   

Gynapharm capsule can make great deal of difference, one of the major reason why so many' fail's to conceive is as result of PID (as mentioned above) this is an infection of the female reproductive system which is caused by bacteria that travel up the reproductive tract, gynapharm capsule/reishi is the right herbal recomendation for recent or long term infection/reproductive disorder, the recomendation has this to offer :

* Clear's discomfort in the ovaries,

* Treat's the inflammation of the uterine tract and appendages of the womb,

* Strengthen's endometrium and treat's PID ,

The reproductive system is revitalized and function's at it peak when the system is in order and free from infection then infertility become's occurrence of the past.

NB: gynapharm capsule goes for inflammation,infertility/female health disorder while reishi capsule is the remedy for infection.


- Effective for treatment of inflammation of ovaries

- For inflammation of endometrium

- For Pelvic inflammatory disease(PID)


* Cold drinks/alcohol/sugary,raw,spicy and greasy food should be avoided while taking this medication,

* Drug interaction might occure while taking with other drugs,

* Patients with other health disorder are advised to take the medication under the counsel of a medical personnel.