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Cordy Royal Jelly: Memory Booster/Health Tonic Trade

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Cordy royal jelly is a health tonic,exeptionally effective for the improvement of blood flow, improve's memory/concentration and also effective for over-all heart health.

Biologically' the brain/heart health are inter connected, by keeping the heart healthy' one also lower the risk of brain disorder such as stroke/dementia; the heart pump's blood through vessels to every part of the body' to supply oxygen and nutrient to all. Damage to  blood vessel can lead to serious health disorder such as heart disease/stroke, so keeping the blood vessel healthy can help to improve/maintain strong heart and brain.

CONDITION THAT CAN DAMAGE THE BLOOD                                  VESSEL

* HEART ATTACK : Occure when plague build's up or blood clot blocks' blood flow to the heart 

* BLOOD PRESSURE : high blood pressure is the leading cause of heart  disease/stroke; over time' high pressure  put's too much stress on blood vessel. 

* STROKE : when blood clot block's the flow of blood in the cranial artery, stroke can occur,as a result' the brain tissue in the specific area might die, once it's dead' it's function is impaired, for instance' it can affect the speech, movement or memory, the degree of impairment experienced after stroke depend's on how much damage done, as well as how quickly one get treatment.

* DIABETES : Diabetes is as result of high blood sugar which can damage blood vessel and nerves,this damage raises the risk of heart disease/stroke.

* SMOKING : Smoking damages blood vessels and make's blood more likely to clot' which can also lead to heart disease/stroke.

 Despite cardiovascular enhancement, cordy royal jelly contain folium ginkgo' which treat's  altitudnal/cognitive disorder and thereby boost memory function.


- Regulate's blood fat

- Boost memory

- Support's health circulation system

- Eliminate's vessel occlusion

- Treat's cardiovascular disorder


= Cordyceps militaris

= Royal-jelly freezing dry powder

= Oligomeric proanthocyanidin

= Folium ginkgo(Ginkgo leaf extracts).


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