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Transmission Shudder Fix, Slipping Gear and fluid protectant Trade

11 months ago Vehicles Ikorodu, Lagos State   1K views


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Price: ₦25,000

Lubegard Platinum Universal ATF Protectant is a uniquely formulated transmission technology used to convert regular Dexron/Mercon ATF into OEM ATF types. They can perform like highly friction modified ATFs such as: Honda Genuine ATF, Toyota Type T, Toyota Type T II, Toyota Type T IV, Mopar ATF + 3 (7176), Mopar ATF +4 (9602) and others. Lubegard is the number one product used in the transmission repair industry because it's the only product of its kind that has LXE technology. It is an award-winning technology that has gained the use and approval of multiple major car manufacturers and has been the written solution for transmission problems in eight car manufacturers technical bulletins. The professional transmission technicians use Lubegard to convert to dealer-only ATFs, but also to supplement depleted additive packages found in factory fill ATF (the original ATF your vehicle came equipped with). It provides the same (and in some cases better) performance characteristics of a dealer ATF with the added benefits of instant relief from shudder, slipping and noise. It also provides long term protection of the fluid and transmission itself from heat and wear. In order to find out if your vehicle came equipped with Mercon V fluid, Lubegard has the industry's most comprehensive listing of all makes and models, with factory fill and also the appropriate Lubegard conversion product if an alternative is needed to dealer-only fluids. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Follow LUBEGARD ATF Conversion & Refill Chart for proper ATF conversions or use as a protectant with any OE ATF. For normal applications, add 1 oz. (29.6 mL) per quart (Liter) of ATF to the total transmission capacity (including torque converter) with motor idling in park. Do not overfill. Do no use with Ford Type F ATF or in CVT’s. Features & details The Original Universal ATF Protectant that Eliminates ATF Confusion and the need to stock multiple ATF's - Dramatically reduces friction and wear on metal parts and internal components Will not alter the crucial sulfur balance in your transmission fluid, Prevents overheating, Will not harm yellow metals, Inhibits fluid oxidation and foaming Contains patented Synergol TMS Technology, a synthetic molecule that tightens the shift cycle without losing the friction modification at lockup, which eliminates shudder Extends fluid change intervals, Protects and restores seals for optimum performance, Conditions and restores seals and o-rings Does not contain any harmful components such as zinc (ZDDP)/ash, etc., like other competing products, Frees stuck valves and keeps them free, Ensures proper shifts RED is #23k PLATINUM is 25k


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